Who is King Pulpo?


Why King Pulpo?


As this is my first blog I thought I should explain a bit about who I am.


King Pulpo weird name right? I guess so but as it often the case is there is more behind a name.


I am a British born artist from Northern England. I’ve been living abroad now for 6 years. Hamburg is an amazing city in Northern Germany. It hosted the Beatles before they hit fame and is where they cut their teeth and as Malcolm Gladwell wrote, they got their 10,000 hours, playing in the cities famous Red Light District the Reeperbahn.


Following the tradition of the Beatles, I got my experience plying my trade here in Hamburg working as a designer. I chose the Pulpo (Octopus) as a symbol for my work firstly because I find it visually an interesting creature, also it is a nautical symbol representing travel. I chose it also a homage to the Spanish side of my family from Galicia, where the ‘Pulpo’ is an important part of culinary life.


I feel I am the Pulpo – The 'King Pulpo' with my tentacles spread in many places, open to different people, different cultures and experiences. Ever since I began my journey in life and through different travels I’ve always found no matter where the people you meet are from it is possible to find common ground and get on with each other. I find Hamburg such a great city and feel in sync with its ethos, maybe due to its history with the harbour and it being a Hanseatic city it feels like an open place. You can find everything in this city there's so many different areas that have different feelings and vibes, Hamburg has a place for everyone. My works are a celebration of this city and its peoples and places.


My works are autobiographical using surreal illustrations to represent my view of  Hamburg and life in general. These started out as sketches and ideas and developed into the work you see today. I’m excited to launch my site and hope that you enjoy my works. Thanks for reading and stopping by!


Rich B,