A Pulpo at Hamburg zeigt Kunst

I recently took part in an Art show in the Hafen City called Hamburg zeigt Kunst.


It was a really cool day for various reasons, firstly due to the weather (Yeah I’m British, I got to talk about the Weather!). The forecast predicted rain and the night before I had a fearful image of my prints being washed away in a storm. Luckily the rain kept away and it turned out to be a perfect sunny day.


As this was my first time showing my King Pulpo artwork I wasn’t sure what the reaction would be. As an artist, you spend hours working away on your designs to a level your happy with unaware quite how it will be received by the public. There is however always a little doubt in your mind that maybe the people just won’t get it.


I was really happy with the reception I got from showing the work and I had some great conversations with fellow artists and the public. As I didn’t have my store online my goal from the day was to introduce myself to the people of Hamburg,  show my work and explain what King Pulpo is about and show there is a person behind the art.


Long-term of course I need to sustain King Pulpo in order to work on new designs and will have my store online very soon. However from this day what I can take that with me is that it was an incredible feeling seeing the reactions on peoples faces when they saw my work and that people get the humour and playfulness behind the work. I look forward to my next show and meeting with you all soon.



Hamburg, you were great!